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Sakura Wars Characters



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Shinguji, Sakura's Profile

Shinguji, Sakura
Birthdate: 7/28/1905
Height: 155cm
Weight: 44kg
Three Sizes: 82/56/81
Blood Type: A
Birthplace: Sendai, Japan


Kanzaki, Sumire's Profile

Kanzaki, Sumire
Birthdate: 1/8/1907
Height: 161cm
Weight: 50kg
Three Sizes: 83/57/84
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: Yokohama, Japan


Maria Tachibana's Profile

Maria Tachibana
Birthdate: 6/19/1903
Height: 186cm
Weight: 65kg
Three Sizes: 88/60/90
Blood Type: O


Iris Chateaubriand's Profile

Iris Chateaubriand
Birthdate: 7/5/1913
Height: 115cm
Weight: 18kg
Three Sizes: ?/?/?
Blood Type: AB
Birthplace: Champagne, France 


Kirishima Kanna's Profile

Kirishima Kanna
Birthdate: 9/7/1903
Height: 197cm
Weight: 78kg
Three Sizes: 93/70/98
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: Okinawa


Ri Kohran's Profile

Ri Kohran
Birthdate: 1/8/1907
Height: 156cm
Weight: 42kg
Three Sizes: 78/55/81
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: China


Reni Milchstrasse's Profile

Reni Milchstrasse
Birthdate: 24/12/1909
Height: 147cm
Weight: 38kg
Blood Type: O
Birthplace: Germany


Soletta Orihime's Profile

Soletta Orihime
Birthdate: 7/7/1907
Height: 158cm
Weight: 47kg
Three Sizes: 84/56/83
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: Italy


Ohgami Ichiro's Profile

Ohgami Ichiro
Height: 176cm
Blood Type:
Tochikigen, Japan

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