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Hunter X Hunter Characters



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Gon Freecss' Profile

Gon Freecss

Birthday: 5 May
Place of birth: Whale Island
Height: 154cm
Weight: 49kg
Blood type: O
Hatsu: Kyouka


Killua Zaoldyeck's Profile

Killua Zaoldyeck

Birthday: 7 July
Place of birth:
Kukulu Mountain
Nen type:
Blood type:


Kurapica's Profile


Birthday: 4 April
Blood type:
Gugenka and Tokushitsu


Leorio's Profile


Birthday: 3 March
Place of birth: Unknown
Nen type: Unknown
Height: 193cm
Weight: 85kg
Blood type: O

Kuroro Lucifer's Profile

Kuroro LuciferLeader of the Genei Ryodan

Age: 26
Hatsu Ability:
Gugenka and Tokushitsu
This enigmatic figure is the head of the Phantom Brigade. Appearance-wise, he is a cool and handsome looking young man, immaculately groomed and well-dressed, complete with an exquisite fur coat that he always wears.


Bonorenofu's Profile

BonorenofuNo. ??

Hatsu: ??
Age: 30
Eerie bandages wrapped around his body give Bonorenofu the appearance of a mummified boxing freak.


Feitan's Profile

No. ??

Hatsu: ??
A rather mysterious member of the Phantom Brigade, Feidan is attired in what one would expect from a bandit-- dark clothes with a skullhead scarf that covers his mouth. His droopy eyes either hints about his boredom or his affinity to sleep.


Franklin's Profile

FranklinNo. ??
Hatsu: Houshutsu (missile)
Age: 33
A hulking, Frankensteinien monster is what Franklin appears to be, complete with scars and sewn-up wounds that ravage his face.


Korutopi's Profile

Hatsu: Gugenka (materialise)
Age: 25 (so young???)
The most distinctive thing about Korutopi is, of course, his haggard appearance. A thick and messy mane of hair flops down his face, obscuring everything except for an occassional glimpse of his eyeball.


Machi's Profile

MachiNo. ??
Hatsu: Enka (manipulative)
Age: 24
A young female delinquent with a rebellish attitude at first glance. Machi is an expert in the art of deadly needlework. Her nen is shaped into thin wispy-long threads which she uses in a variety of ways-- in healing wounds, repairing back dislodged limbs like what she did for Hisoka, or like a hangman's noose that strangles enemies with a tug. A death angel that is able to grant the wish of life or death


Nobunaga's Profile

NobunagaNo. ??
Hatsu: Kyouka (strengthen)
Age: 30
Like one of the ronin warriors in period Japan, Nobunaga comes complete with a long Japanese sword that he uses with great finesse and skill. Nobunaga's speciality is the unparalleled use of the sword in executing enemies

Hisoka's Profile


Birthday: Unknown
Place of birth: Unknown
Height: 187cm
Weight: 91kg
Blood type: B
Nen type: Enka


Sharnock's Profile

SharnockNo. ??
Sousa (control)
With blond hair and baby blue eyes, Sharnock seems to be a guileness and innocent boy straight out from the realm of shoujo manga. But see him in action with the rest of the Phantom Brigade and that thought is dispelled. For Sharnock is one of the most intelligent and quick-thinking members in the group--being adept at using the computer and at information gathering, providing the brains behind the brawn.


Shizuku's Profile

ShizukuNo. ??
Hatsu: Gugenka (materialise)
A girl with a quiet disposition and polite personality seems to sum up most people's initial impression of the cute bespectacled girl. However, don't be beguiled by her unassuming and blur appearance-- as she is an active member of the Phantom Brigade and wouldn't -think twice- of killing any adversary.


Sphinx's Profile

SphinxNo. ??
Hatsu: ??
Age: 33
According to some other hunter sources, the large dome shaped hat and yellow costume that Sphinx normally dons is a ceremonial costume from his native country, which ....seems pretty gaudy and awkward to me.


Pakunoda's Profile


No. ??
Hatsu: Tokushitsu (special ability)
A sophisticated woman with a revealing attire, Pakunoda exudes an air of self-confidence that can be intimidating to others.


Ubogin's Profile

UboginNo. 11
Hatsu: Kyouka (strengthen)
Age: 29
If the ferocious image of Blanka from Street Fighter scares and startles you, be prepared to be ten times more appalled of this fella-- as he's bigger, badder and many times more powerful than the former figure, even though they share some similar features.


Tonba's Profile

TonbaNo. 16
Nickname: 'newbie killer'
Tonba has taken the exam for 25 consecutive terms, but has somehow never managed to pass. He often brags of his experience to newbies and then offers a helping hand. Of course, this is merely subterfuge as he takes a perverse pleasure in sabotaging their attempts to get the license.

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