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Gensomaden Saiyuki - The Movie Review



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Gensomaden Saiyuki – The Movie

Dramatic Version: Gensomaden Saiyuki Requiem

Creators: Minekura Kazuya

Reviewer: Rain Rañada

Movie Rating: 95%

Gensomaden Saiyuki, a place called paradise for both humans and monstrous creatures living peacefully and harmoniously in civilization and faith.  There was a sudden change when a forbidden experiment started, reviving the super monster Gyumao-Bull Satan, who has been frozen for a hundred years by mixing the knowledge of sorcery and science.  This has brought negative impulse to all monsters and beast throughout the land.  In order to stop the resurrection of Gyumao-Bull Satan, the heaven summoned Genjo Sanzo to take on the mission of restoring peace and order in the paradise with his party Sha Gojyo, Cho Hakkai and Son Goku.


The Movie’s Summarization:


Heading the way to “Indira” the party of Sanzo obstructs by a battalion of monsters.  Action packed introduction of the movie that would give interests to the viewers to continue watching the movie… exciting eh?


After the battle, the journey to the west continues.  Looking on the map, the party seemed to be lost when suddenly a young lady Penglan hold back their way by saving her from a big bird monster called siksen.  The siksen passed up with Sanzo’s shourejyu’s shots and even manage to escape from his Devil Tenji, but flew away quickly.  Penglan accommodate the party in a big mansion with foods and wines, room to rest and little surprise game prepared by his master.


Feel at home guys, the game has just started.  While everybody is resting in their own room, Hakkai noticed the moon in his window was gone when it is totally full outside before they enter the mansion.  He curiously went to talk to Sanzo regarding this matter. 


Kou Gaiji's PartyFinally, Kou Gainji's group came to the scene; Kou Gaiji, Li Lin, Yaone and Dokugaku Ji, mortal rival and enemy of Sanzo’s party.  This time Kougai ji managed to finish the siksen by his sorcery spell called Lung Yim, leaving a paper plane with a curse written on it.  Then continue to catch up with Sanzo’s party.


Penglan tried to kill Gojyo who is taking his bath, Penglan’s mission failed, so, Hakkai (siksen) suddenly appeared and attacked Gojyo with a knife then leaves after saying something to Penglan.


Hakkai after having a talk with Sanzo went back to his room.  While on his way back his room, he also was being attacked by a siksen (Goku).  He manages to defeat the siksen with the help of Hakuryuu, a small white dragon-like pet.


Goku was being captured.  Sanzo began guessing who is behind that dirty game. So, he went to not really to save Goku but to know who’s behind it all.  After saving Goku from entrapment of a psychopath fellow, they went up to the room where the psychopath fellow is waiting.   Sanzo recalls his past where he could possibly meet the fellow who knows about the paper folding, the paper plane and why?  When Sanzo and Goku reach the top most room of the mansion, paper planes surrounds the big room.


It was three years ago when Sanzo and his party got together by chance after their resurrection.  Sun Fat Sen, the temple where Sanzo also met Ng To Ngai, Sanzo’s biggest fan and tried his best to be Sanzo’s follower too, but never given a chance.  He became frustrated to be worthy to  follow his Master Sanzo and be his follower to protect his Master Sanzo during the journey.  To Ngai began his practice and start working out with his special abilities.  He manged to be as fast as Goku, dyed his hair by blood to look like Gojyo and even killed thousands of monsters just like Hakkai.   He became very powerful and became a monster himself by killing hundreds of powerful monsters in the paradise.  Still, he can’t catch up with his Master Sanzo and his party.  Never deserving for Master Sanzo… a feeble, he thought.


He spread his palm aiming for a big explosion pointed to Sanzo and Goku.  Sanzo and Goku rush outside the mansion.  After the big explosion, paper planes shower around the place.  It turns to be a siksen to defeat Goku, to test his worth.  Finally, Hakkai and Gojyo enter the scene after saving the poor taboo girl.


By that time, To Ngai wants to defeat Sanzo’s party to prove his worth and abilities.  Still, Master Sanzo refuses To Ngai to be his follower.  After that, To Ngai’s power increases by rooting the paper plane curse in his heart, there were strong winds in the place passing through his abdomen to suck up Sanzo and his party.  Penglan coming from behind get in the way and sacrifice herself to save his Master To Ngai.  She’s been To Ngai’s siksen and eventhough she’s been a daughter of a Taboo, his father loves her very much, she said in japanese.  So she run towards To Ngai’s open body and let herself suck up.  To Ngai changes his appearance once again.  He became a hideous monster with a large stony body, large open mouth with big pointed teeth. URG! YUCKKY!In that appearance, he hardly controls his speed and accuracy.    Sanzo and his party got a chance to recuperate and counter attack To Ngai’s.  To Ngai just say “Master Sanzo, where did I go wrong?  Why?”


Morale of the Story:


“Dreams are for believers.”   We can’t be like someone, or even if we try to be like someone we can’t still equal them.  Be the master of your own soul as what they say.  Everybody is unique, so we are all special, right?




The story is very touching, with its sense of action, drama and humor.  The whole movie is great, almost perfect except for the nagging scenes of Gojyo and Goku.  I highly recommend this movie to everybody who has a sense of action, drama and comedy.  Blah Blah Blah for those who missed it… you must watch this one! AHEHEHE!  Komenasai!


Main Characters of The Movie

Name: Genjo Sanzo

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Age: 23

Birthday: November 29

Constellation: Sagittarius

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Color: Blond

Class: Human

Weapon: Shourejyu (singling gun), Evil Sutra

God: Konzen Douji


Name: Sha Gojyo

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Age: 22

Birthday: November 9

Constellation: Sagittarius

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Blood-red

Class: Half-human/Half-taboo

Weapon: Jakujou

God: Kenren Taisho


Name: Cho Hakkai

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Age: 22

Birthday: September 21

Constellation: Virgo

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Brown

Youryoku Power Limiter: green earing-like clip on his left ear

Class: Human to Taboo


Weapon: Chi Gong (control’s energy from the body to release as a shield or force)

God: Kanzeon Bosatsu


Name: Son Goku

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 51 kg

Age: 18

Birthday: April 5

Constellation: Aries

Eye Color: Golden Brown

Hair Color: Light Brown

Youryoku Power Limiter: diadem (golden headband)

Class: Earth’s Child/Taboo


Weapon: Noibou

God: Goku



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